Saturday, 17 October 2009

SST Records

SST Records

SST Records is a legendary independant record label founded and run by Greg Ginn, also the guitarist and principal songwriter for Black Flag. Initially established to realise that band's material, it eventually expanded to a roster of bands that laid the blueprint for America's indie and alternative scene in the 1990s. Seminal bands such as "Sonic Youth", "Dinosaur Jr", "Husker Du", "the Meat puppets", "the Minutemen", "Bad Brains", and "Saint Vitus" were all signed to SST Records.

Even with records that aren't very good, I'll forgive SST because who else would release records by Blind Idiot God? That's some of the strangest and unique rock music I've ever heard and I never would have had the chance to hear it without SST.

SST Bands I have reviewed:

Bad Brains
Black Flag
Saint Vitus
Sonic Youth

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